Support Local


Many people talk about big box stores hurting local small businesses. They don’t. We hurt those businesses when we abandon them. I’ve heard some say that they can’t afford to pay higher prices at the small stores, when they have an alternative. The product is not all you’re paying for at the small store. You pay a small premium to talk with someone who knows about the products. You can ask them to get in special items for you. Once you find something you like and buy it regularly, your local merchant knows that and stocks it. Big box stores make stocking decisions far away in a corporate headquarters somewhere, and they don’t know you. You develop a relationship with a local merchant who learns your preferences. Your local hobby shop can recommend products based on experience. These things have value. I remember once when my wife really wanted those florentines they have at Ralph’s, a

nd they didn’t have any. I called and they made some. Try that at Walmart. All of these businesses have value. I get that we may shop some items at the big stores out of economic necessity. Those stores may get items in that smaller businesses don’t carry. The fact remains though, if we want local stores, farms, and markets to exist, we have to support them. Buy local when you can. Only you can save the economy and create local jobs.


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Safe Disposal of Drugs

Lots of us have expired drugs, or some that we just chosen not use. Getting rid of them safely may be harder than you think. Some have recommended crushing pills and mixing them with other garbage, like coffee grounds. The problem is that many drugs, particularly narcotics, show risks and side effects through contact with the drug. You increase this risk when you crush the pills. See this article for more information –

Sullivan County will have a drug take back day on October 27. You can brig whatever you like and trained people will dispose of it properly and safely.


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What does a State Representative Do?

I was asked this question recently, and realized that the answer may surprise you. Being a NH State Representative has little or nothing to do with the politics you see on television. Over the last month, I have helped straighten out problems two people were having with inspection stations (misunderstanding of complex regulation), helped someone get an enhanced id even though they didn’t think they get all of the required documents, helped someone else with a Dept. of  Labor issue, etc. These are the kinds of constituent issues we work on.

This past term I also filed bills (which became law) to fix a conflict in law when towns try to do their audits, clarified what kinds of rust your car can fail an inspection for, and created a new registration for heavy duty recovery vehicles (which prior to this could not be registered in NH). We also passed legislation allowing wreckers to turn off those bright strobe lights once their load is secured and they are just driving.

I am currently chairing a commission to review and restructure the motor vehicle code because it is too confusing and regular people can’t find the information they need. I am also chairing a commission to determine if the brine we treat roads with in the winter is rusting your vehicles out faster. I also represent the Legislature on the Governor’s Interagency Council on Homelessness. This is a working group focused on targeting our resources to make sure that everyone in New Hampshire has shelter.

Most of a State Representative’s job is dealing with practical problems for people. The few high profile bills that you hear fights about on the news are less than one percent of what we do, if we’re doing the job right.


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