DMV Closed for 2 days in October

New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles to Close Offices for Two Days During Software Upgrade

Concord, NH – The NH Department of Safety, Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will implement a new driver licensing system in October to replace the current system originally implemented in the 1980s. Implementation of the new system will require the closure of all DMV offices on Monday, October 9th and Tuesday, October 10th and will temporarily limit some services.

“Although temporarily closing DMV offices is required during this transition time, we are aware of how the closure will impact our customers,” said DMV Director Elizabeth Bielecki. “Hopefully, by providing advanced notice, we will minimize the inconvenience this closure will cause.”

During the transition:

Town/City Municipal clerks will not be able to process the state portion of vehicle registrations from Friday, October 6, through Tuesday, October 10.
Online services, including Online Driver License Renewal and Online Ticket Pay, will not be available from Wednesday, October 4, through Wednesday, October 11.
Ticket pay by phone will not be available on Monday, October 9, and Tuesday, October 10. To pay a ticket by phone on another day during normal business hours, please call 1-800-272-0036.

Customers are encouraged to complete DMV transactions regarding driver licenses and registrations in advance of expiration dates if they expire during the transition period. In the days following implementation of the new system, customers may experience longer than usual wait times and are asked to plan their visit accordingly.

Save time by completing forms in advance of your visit. Answers to frequently asked questions and forms are available at the DMV website at

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Executive Order on VA Benefits

Concord, NH – Today, Governor Chris Sununu signed an executive order that allows physicians at Manchester’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center to provide medical care to VA patients outside of the Manchester VA facility.

“The state of New Hampshire is committed to delivering results for New Hampshire’s veterans,” said Governor Chris Sununu. “This executive order provides for a continuum of services for our veterans, and we will stop at nothing to deliver the best care. Period.”

Dr. Joseph Pepe, President & CEO, Catholic Medical Center “This is about stepping up for New Hampshire’s veterans, and Catholic Medical Center is proud to work alongside the Department of Veterans Affairs and Governor Sununu so that we can ensure New Hampshire’s veterans are taken care of right now.”

Alfred “Al” Montoya, Acting Director of the Manchester VA Medical Center said, “On Friday, I asked Governor Sununu to consider allowing Manchester VA providers licensed outside New Hampshire to practice in our community hospitals. Today, less than one business day later, we celebrate the executive order that makes that possible. This action will result in greater access to care for New Hampshire’s Veterans, which is precisely what they deserve.”

Ben Vihstadt

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Debunking Budget Rumors

Claim: “the budget will exceed $12 billion for the first time ever”

As amended, the proposed House budget spends $5,899,427,839 in FY18 and $5,954,661,954 in FY19 in total funds for a total of $11,854,089,793 over the two year biennium. It does not exceed $12 billion.

Claim: Spending is increasing by 7.3%

When comparing the dollar amounts appropriated in HB1 & HB2 in 2015 to the same data in HB1 & HB2 as proposed by the House Finance committee, total fund spending over the 2-year biennium will increase by 4.4-4.9%.

Here’s our chart from the non-partisan Legislative Budget Assistant’s Office. They have 3 comparisons depending on which part or parts of the budget bills you are comparing. Any way you slice it, none of them are 7.3%:


Claim: “The increase in this one budget is very nearly as much as the increase in BOTH of Maggie Hassan’s budgets combined.”

If you add up the Hassan increases in 2013 and 2015 it totals $1.285 billion. $1.285 billion would equal an 11% increase, which we would oppose, because that would be unaffordable.

Claim: “We cannot let government grow at this rate. It’s bad for our economy for government to grow faster than the private sector; high spending leads to high taxes; larger government means less liberty.”

We agree. That’s why the Republicans on the House Finance committee approved a budget that is fiscally responsible, and meets the needs of our state without raising any tax or fee

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